Lasky, Kathryn

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LASKY, Kathryn

LASKY, Kathryn. Also writes as Kathryn Lasky Knight. American, b. 1944. Genres: Young adult fiction, Young adult non-fiction. Career: Writer. Publications: FOR YOUNG ADULTS. FICTION: The Night Journey, 1981; Beyond the Divide, 1983; Prank, 1984; Home Free, 1985; Pageant, 1986; The Bone Wars, 1988; Double Trouble Squared, 1991; Shadows in the Water, 1992; Voice in the Wind, 1993; Beyond the Burning Time, 1994; Memories of a Bookbat, 1994; A Journey to the New World: The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple, 1996; True North: A Novel of the Underground Railroad, 1996; Dreams of the Golden Country: The Diary of Zipporah Felman, 1998. FOR CHILDREN. FICTION: (with L. Floyd) Agatha's Alphabet, 1975; I Have Four Names for My Grandfather, 1976; Tugboats Never Sleep, 1977; My Island Grandma, 1979; Jem's Island, 1982; Sea Swan, 1988; Fourth of July Bear, 1991; I Have an Aunt on Marlborough Street, 1992; The Tantrum, 1993; Cloud Eyes, 1994; The Solo, 1994; Pond Year, 1995; The Gates of the Wind, 1995; She's Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head, 1995; Lunch Bunnies, 1996; Grace the Pirate, 1997; Marven of the Great North Woods, 1997; Hercules: The Man, the Myth, the Hero, 1997; Alice Rose and Sam, 1998. NONFICTION: Tall Ships, 1978; Dollmaker: The Eyelight and the Shadow, 1981; The Weaver's Gift, 1981; Sugaring Time, 1983; A Baby for Max, 1984; Puppeteer, 1985; Traces of Life: The Origins of Humankind, 1989; Dinosaur Dig, 1990; Surtsey: The Newest Place on Earth, 1992; Think Like an Eagle: At Work with a Wildlife Photographer, 1992; Monarchs, 1993; (with M. Knight) Searching for Laura Ingalls: A Reader's Journey, 1993; Days of the Dead, 1994; The Librarian Who Measured the Earth, 1994; The Most Beautiful Roof in the World: Exploring the Rainforest Canopy, 1997; Shadows in the Dawn: The Lemurs of Madagascar, 1998; A Brilliant Streak: The Making of Mark Twain, 1998; Vision of Beauty, 2001. NOVELS AS KATHRYN LASKY KNIGHT: Atlantic Circle, 1985; Trace Elements, 1986; The Widow of Oz, 1989; Mortal Words, 1990; Mumbo Jumbo, 1991; Dark Swan, 1994. Address: 7 Scott Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.