La Deroute

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La Deroute ★★ 1998

Joe Aiello has made a successful life for himself and his family since emigrating from Sicily to Canada 30 years before. Since his son Nuccio is mentally handicapped, Joe rests his hopes on his 23-year-old daughter Bennie, who only wants freedom from her possessive father. And she takes it by impulsively marrying Diego, a South American refugee about to be deported. Feeling rejected and betrayed, Joe finds himself falling into despair. French with subtitles. 111m/C VHS . CA Tony Nardi, Michelle-Barbara Pelletier, Hugolin Chevrette, John Dunn-Hill, Richard Lemire; D: Paul Tana; W: Tony Nardi, Paul Tana, Bruno Ramirez; C: Michel Caron; M: Pierre Desrochers.

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La Deroute

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