La Chienne

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La Chienne ★★★★ Isn't Life A Bitch?; The Bitch 1931

Dark, troubling tale of a bedraggled husband whose only excitement is his painting hobby until he becomes consumed by the ever-tempting prostitute Lulu. Director Renoir broke ground with his use of direct sound and Paris shooting locations, and the experiment was a hit. Portrays marriage with acidity; Renoir's own marriage broke up as a result of this film's casting. Mareze died shortly after the filming was complete in a car crash. Based on the novel by Georges de la Fouchardiere. Produced in 1931, but didn't reach American theatres until 1975. In French with English subtitles. Remade in 1945 as “Scarlet Street.” 93m/B VHS . FR Michel Simon, Janie Mareze, Georges Flament, Madeleine Berubet; D: Jean Renoir; W: Andre Girard, Jean Renoir.