La Chevre

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La Chevre ★★★½ The Goat 1981

A screwball French comedy about two policemen (Richard and Depardieu—picture Gene Wilder and Nick Nolte with accents) stumbling along the path of a missing heiress who suffers from chronic bad luck. Contains a hilarious scene with chairs used to test the luck of the investigative team; based on one partner's ability to sit on the only broken chair in a rather large collection, he is judged to be sufficiently jinxed to allow them to re-create the same outrageous misfortunes that befell the heiress in her plight. In French with English subtitles. 91m/C VHS, DVD . FR Gerard Depardieu, Pierre Richard, Corynne Charbit, Michel Robin, Pedro Armendariz Jr.; D: Francis Veber; M: Vladimir Cosma.