Kurokawa, Mitsuhiro

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KUROKAWA, Mitsuhiro

KUROKAWA, Mitsuhiro. Japanese, b. 1954. Genres: Children's fiction, Illustrations. Career: Author and illustrator of children's books. Has also worked at protecting author's copyrights, Japanese Board on Books for Young People. Publications: SELF-ILLUSTRATED IN ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Dinosaurs, 1989 (originally published as Kyoryu-tachi, 1987); Dinosaur Valley, 1992 (originally published as Kyoryu no Tani, 1991). SELF-ILLUSTRATED IN JAPANESE: Pompocoya-ai, 1988; Wa-a Kyoryu-da! (title means: Oh! Dinosaurs), 1990; Kyoryu Little Horn to Kyodai Yokuryu (title means: Little Horn and Big Pterosaur), 1992; Tatakac Kyoryu Torikeratopus, 1992; Kyoryu-tte Nandarou (book with paper slide-picture show; title means: What Are Dinosaurs), 1992; Daibouken Kyoryujima Mogura Hakase wo Sukue! (title means: The Adventure of Dinosaur Island), 1993; Kyoryu Torikeratopus to Kyodai Wani (title means: A Triceratops and a Big Crocodile), 1993; Chibi-chibi-saur to Kyofu no Tyrannosaur (title means: A Very Little Dinosaur and a Fierce Tyrannosaur), 1994; Genshijidai no Zetsumetsu Dobutsu (title means: Extinct Animals in the Primitive Ages), 1994; Kaettekonai Kyoryu-tachi (title means: Extinct Animals), 1994; Horobiyuku Nihon no Dobutsu tachi (title means: Extinct Animals in Japan), 1995; Sekai no Zetsumetsu Dobutsu (title means: Extinct Animals in the World), 1995; Kyoryu Torikeratopus to Tyranosaur (title means: A Triceratops and a Tyrannosaur), 1995; Horobiyuku Sekai no Kyoryu-tachi, 1996; Nihon no Zetsumetsu Dobutsu, 1996; Kyoryu Torikeratopus to Kyodai-game, 1996. Illustrator of books by others. Illustrator of yearly calendar Charles River, 1980-. Address: 16-21-203, Sekimachi Minami 4-chome, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 177, Japan.