Kitten with a Whip

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Kitten with a Whip ★★½ 1964

Whatever the film's original intentions, it's now become pure camp. Jody (Ann-Margaret) is a juvenile delinquent who's broken out of a girls' reformatory and breaks into the home of wannabe politician David Patton (Forsythe), who's separated from his wife. Jody works her considerable wiles and soon Patton's life is filled with wild parties, rampant teen lust, and violence. Too bad it wasn't filmed in the lurid color it deserved. Based on the book by Wade Miller. 84m/B VHS . Ann-Margret, John Forsythe, Peter Brown, Patricia Barry, Richard Anderson, Diane Sayer, Ann Doran, Patrick Whyte, Audrey Dalton, Leo Gordon; D: Douglas Heyes; W: Douglas Heyes; C: Joseph Biroc.