Killer of Sheep

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Killer of Sheep ★★★★ 1977

Age does nothing to date this seminal examination of urban poverty and race in 1970's Watts. Stan (Sanders) is a slaughterhouse worker plagued by insomnia who becomes increasingly disconnected from the rest of the world, including his wife (Moore). Nothing seems to help as a series of events just serves to compound Stan's sense of futility. Burnett wrote and directed as a student on a budget of $10,000. A popular part of the festival circuit that took 30 years to be released theatrically, in part because of the time and expense in licensing the music used in the soundtrack. 80m/B DVD . US Henry Sanders, Kaycee Moore, Eugene Cherry, Charles Bracy; D: Charles Burnett; W: Charles Burnett; C: Charles Burnett. Natl. Film Reg. ‘90.