Killer Tongue

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Killer Tongue ★ La Lengua Asesina 1996 (R)

Okay, now here's a story (but not a good story, mind): Candy (Clarke) and Johnny (Durr) pull off a heist but Johnny winds up in jail while Candy hides out with the loot. She winds up in a desert hotel, near where a meteorite has landed. Somehow, Candy ingests a piece of the meteorite and an alien parasite (in the form of the titular killer tongue) takes over. The tongue is big on human sacrifices and Candy can't seem to do anything to stop it. Oh, and Candy's four poodles also get a meteorite taste and turn into drag queens. Just as gross as you may imagine it to be. 98m/C VHS, DVD . GB SP Melinda (Mindy) Clarke, Jason Durr, Robert Englund, Mapi Golan, Doug Bradley, Jonathan Rhys Meyers; D: Alberto Sciamma; W: Alberto Sciamma; C: Denis Crossan.