Killer Tomatoes Strike Back

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Killer Tomatoes Strike Back ★★ 1990

The third “Killer Tomatoes” movie isn't in the league of “The Naked Gun” satires, but it's still bright parody for the Mad Magazine crowd, as tomato-mad scientist Astin harnesses the powers of trash-TV in a planned vegetable invasion. Perhaps due to a ‘Killer Tomatoes' cartoon series at the time, this isn't as saucy as its predecessors and is acceptable for family audiences. Followed by “Killer Tomatoes Eat France.” 87m/C VHS, DVD . John Astin, Rick Rockwell, Crystal Carson, Steve Lundquist, John Witherspoon, John DeBello, Tom Ashworth, Frank Davis, Debra Fares, Rock Peace, Constantine Dillon, Kevin West, Spike Sorrentino, D.J. Sullivan; D: John DeBello; W: Rick Rockwell, John DeBello, Constantine Dillon; C: Stephen F. Andrich; M: Neal Fox.