Keating, H(enry) R(eymond) F(itzwalter)

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KEATING, H(enry) R(eymond) F(itzwalter)

KEATING, H(enry) R(eymond) F(itzwalter). British, b. 1926. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Literary criticism and history, Writing/Journalism. Career: Sub-Ed., Daily Telegraph, London, 1956-58, and The Times, London, 1958-60. Chairman, Crime Writers Association, London, 1970-71; Chairman, Society of Authors, 1983-84; President, Detection Club, 1986-2001; Fellow, Royal Society of Literature, 1990. Publications: Death and the Visiting Firemen, 1959; Zen There Was Murder, 1960; A Rush on the Ultimate, 1961; The Dog It Was That Died, 1962; Death of a Fat God, 1963; The Perfect Murder, 1964; Is Skin-Deep, Is Fatal, 1965; Inspector Ghote series, 1966-; The Strong Man, 1971; The Underside, 1974; A Remarkable Case of Burglary, 1975; Murder Must Appetize, 1975; A Long Walk to Wimbledon, 1978; The World of Sherlock Holmes, 1979; The Marks and Spencer Book of Great Crimes, 1982; The Lucky Alphonse, 1982; Mrs. Craggs, Crimes Cleaned Up, 1985; Writing Crime Fiction, 1986; The Bedside Companion to Crime, 1989; The Rich Detective, 1993; Cheating Death, 1994; Doing Wrong, 1995; The Good Detective, 1996; The Bad Detective, 1996; Asking Questions, 1996; In Kensington Gardens Once, 1997; The Soft Detective, 1998; Jack, the Lady Killer (verse), 1999; The Hard Detective, 2000; Breaking and Entering, 2000; A Detective in Love, 2001; A Detective under Fire, 2002; The Dreaming Detective, 2003. EDITOR: (and contrib.) Blood on My Mind, 1972; Agatha Christie: First Lady of Crime, 1977; Crime Writers, 1978; Whodunit, 1982. Address: 35 Northumberland Pl, London W2 5AS, England.