Kavanagh, Peter

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KAVANAGH, Peter. Irish, b. 1916. Genres: Area studies, Mythology/Folklore, Theatre, Autobiography/Memoirs, Bibliography. Career: Schoolteacher in Dublin, Ireland, 1936-46; St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY, assistant professor of English, 1946-47; Loyola University of Chicago, IL, assistant professor of English, 1947-49; Gannon College (now University), Erie, PA, assistant professor of English, 1949-50; editor and contributor to Encyclopedia Americana, Ireland, 1950-51; Kavanagh's Weekly, Dublin, publisher, 1952; Cementation Engineering Co., London, England, editor and writer, 1953-56; Peter Kavanagh Hand Press, NYC, owner, 1958-; Stout State University (now University of Wisconsin-Stout), professor, 1966-68. Publications: The Irish Theatre, 1946; The Story of the Abbey Theatre, 1950; A Dictionary of Irish Mythology, 1959; Garden of the Golden Apples: A Bibliography of Patrick Kavanagh, 1972; Beyond Affection: An Autobiography, 1977; Inniskeep: A Map, 1978; Savage Rock, 1978; Love's Tortured Headland, 1978; Sacred Keeper: A Biography of Patrick Kavanagh, 1980; The Dancing Flame, 1981; Piling up the Ricks (autobiography), 1989; The Complete Poems of Patrick Kavanagh with Extended Commentary, 1996; Pilgrimage of a Soul, 1996; Patrick Kavanagh: A Life Chronicle, 2000. PLAYS: Saint Jerome: A Dissertation in Two Acts, 1961; Saint Patrick, 1961; John Scotus Eriugena, 1962; Saint Malachy, 1963; Oliver Plunkett, 1963. EDITOR: The John Quinn Letters, 1960; Lapped Furrows: Correspondence, 1933-1967, of Peter and Patrick Kavanagh, 1969; November Haggard: Uncollected Prose and Verse of Patrick Kavanagh, 1971; Complete Poems of Patrick Kavanagh, 1972; P. Kavanagh, By Night Unstarred: An Autobiographical Novel, 1978; Patrick Kavanagh: Man and Poet, 1986. Address: 35 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]