Kavanagh, John

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Kavanagh, John

(John P. Kavanagh)


Married; wife's name, Anne (an actress); children: Rachel (an actress). Education: Trained at Brendan Smith Academy and the Abbey School of Acting.

Career: Actor. Abbey Theatre Company, member of the company for ten years.

Awards, Honors: Drama Desk Award nomination, outstanding actor in a play, 1989, for Juno and the Paycock.


Stage Appearances:

Tom Meadows, Borstal Boy, Abbey Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, 1967.

Captain Shine, Famine, Abbey Theatre, 1968.

Cormac, The O'Neill, Abbey Theatre, Peacock Stage, 1969.

Member of chorus, Aaron Thy Brother, Abbey Theatre, Peacock Stage, 1969.

Let the Ravens Feed, Abbey Theatre, Peacock Stage, 1969.

First cadet, Sweet Love till Morn, Abbey Theatre, 1971.

Keogh, Today the Bullfinch, Abbey Theatre, 1971.

Eighth juror and Sir Roger Casement, Prisoner of the Crown, Abbey Theatre, 1972.

Hatchet Bailey, Hatchet, Abbey Theatre, Peacock Stage, 1972.

Larry Carter, I'm Getting out of This Kip, Play Circle Playwrights Workshop, Abbey Theatre, Peacock Stage, 1972.

Tom, The White House, Abbey Theatre, 1972.

Judge, The Freedom of the City, Abbey Theatre, 1973.

Clive McGregor, When She Was Good, Abbey Theatre, Peacock Stage, 1974.

Sir William Thornhill, The Vicar of Wakefield, Abbey Theatre, 1974.

Francisco, The Sanctuary Lamp, Abbey Theatre, Peacock Stage, 1975.

Hector De La Mare, Innish (musical), Abbey Theatre, 1975.

Casimir, Aristocrats, Abbey Theatre, 1979.

Eustace Malcolmson, Scenes from an Album, Abbey Theatre, 1981.

Father Bishop, Kill, Dublin Theatre Festival, Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, 1982.

Rooney, Pizzazz, Dublin Theatre Festival, Olympia Theatre, 1983.

(As John P. Kavanagh) Joxer Daly, Juno and the Paycock, John Golden Theatre, New York City, 1988.

Herr Schaaf, A Month in the Country, Gate Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, 1992.

John Turvey, Moving, Abbey Theatre, 1992.

Murrough O'Doherty, The London Vertigo, Gate Theatre, Andrew's Lane Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, 1992.

(As John P. Kavanagh) Frank, Wonderful Tennessee, Abbey Theatre, then Plymouth Theatre, New York City, both 1993.

Robert, The Bird Sanctuary, Abbey Theatre, 1994.

Enda, Red Roses and Petrol, Pigsback Theatre Company, Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland, 1995.

Magwitch, Great Expectations, Gate Theatre, 1995.

Michael, The Weeping of Angels, Gate Theatre, 1997.

A Dublin Carol, Gate Theatre, 2000.

Sam, The Homecoming, Gate Theatre, 2001.

Cheval, See You Next Tuesday, Gate Theatre, 2002.

(As John P. Kavanagh) Rector, The Eccentricities of a Nightingale, Gate Theatre, 2003.

(As John P. Kavanagh) Dancing at Lughnasa, Gate Theatre, 2004.

While billed as John P. Kavanagh, appeared as Teddy in The Faith Healer; appeared in other productions, including the revue A State o'Chassis.

Film Appearances:

Police inspector, The McKenzie Break (also known as Escape and Wolfpack), United Artists, 1970.

Willie Egan, Paddy (also known as Goodbye to the Hill), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1970.

Mr. Devereux, Attracta, B.A.C. Films, 1983.

Skeffington, Cal, Warner Bros., 1984.

Robert Foxley, The Fantasist, Almi Pictures/New Irish Film Productions, 1986.

Donkey, Bellman and True, Island Pictures, 1988.

Manager, Joyriders, Cannon, 1989.

Johnny Lacy, Fools of Fortune, New Line Cinema, 1990.

Luke, In the Border Country, Channel Four Films, 1991.

Hartnett, Into the West, Miramax, 1993.

Junior, Horse (short film), Film Base/Picture House Productions, 1993.

Canon Murtagh, Widows' Peak, Fine Line Features, 1994.

Brian Mahon, Circle of Friends, Savoy Pictures, 1995.

Craig, Braveheart, Paramount, 1995.

Cardinal, Some Mother's Son (also known as Sons and Warriors), Columbia, 1996.

Puder, The Harpist (also known as Die Harfenspielerin), Nil Film Art and Entertainment, 1997.

Dr. Boyd, The Butcher Boy, Warner Bros., 1998.

Father Carlin, Dancing at Lughnasa, Sony Pictures Classics, 1998.

Sergeant Maloney, Pete's Meteor, First Look Media/Screen Media Ventures, 1998.

Bishop Staunton, A Love Divided, Vision Films, 1999.

Priest, 7th Heaven (short film), 1999.

Paco's father, Buskers (short film), Shoot Films, 2000.

Last Days in Dublin, Fatface Productions, 2001.

Gerry the barman, Mystics, Momentum Pictures, 2002.

Haggerty, Puckoon, Guerrilla Films/United Artists, 2002.

Summit (short film), Subotica Entertainment, 2003.

Parmenion, Alexander (also known as Alexandre), Warner Bros., 2004.

Stan, The Halo Effect, Buena Vista Ireland, 2004.

Emmet Linscott, The Black Dahlia, Universal, 2006.

Harry, The Tiger's Tail, Fern Gully Tales/Merlin Films, 2006.

Closing the Ring, Prospero Pictures/Spinster/Scion Films, 2007.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Echoes, Channel 4 (England) and Arts and Entertainment, 1988.

Seamus Reilly, Children of the North, BBC-2, 1991.

Jamie O'Hara, Scarlett, CBS, 1994.

Michael Longley, Painted Lady, Granada Television, 1997, broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre (also known as ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre and Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), PBS, 1998.

Eugene O'Brien, Rebel Heart, BBC, 2001.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Bowser Egan, The Ballroom of Romance, BBC, 1982.

Beth's father, Children in the Crossfire, NBC, 1984.

James, The Country Girls, Channel 4 (England), 1984.

August Saturday, BBC, 1990.

Sean Kerrigan, Love Lies Bleeding, BBC-2, 1993.

IRA chief Kevin Muldoon, The Informant, Showtime, 1997.

Rutledge, The Tale of Sweeney Todd, Showtime, 1998.

IRA chief Charlie Rise, Vicious Circle (also known as Cast a Cold Eye), BBC, 1999.

Frank, Sinners (also known as Candlelight and The Magdalen Laundry), BBC, 2002.

Judge Shippen, Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor (also known as Dark Eagle: Benedict Arnold), Arts and Entertainment, 2003.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Z, The Investigation: Inside a Terrorist Bombing (also known as Who Bombed Birmingham?), HBO, 1990.

Events at Drimaghleen, BBC-2, 1991.

Adolphus Grigson, Shadow of a Gunman (also known as Performance: Shadow of a Gunman), BBC, 1995.

Narrator, Riverdance: Live at New York City, PBS, 1998.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Canon Crotty, "The Muse in Skebawn," The Irish RM (also known as The Irish R.M.), Channel 4 (England) and Ulster Television, 1985, also broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre (also known as ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre and Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), PBS.

Beggar, "A Story Short," The Storyteller (also known as Jim Henson's "The Storyteller"), NBC, Channel 4, and Television South (England), 1988.

Brendan "Henna'd" Hennessey, "Irish Stew," Lovejoy, BBC and Arts and Entertainment, 1993.

Jack Malloy, "A Bitter Pill," Doctor Finlay, Scottish Television, 1993, also broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre (also known as ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre and Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), PBS.

Jean Ramuel, "Maigret and the Hotel Majestic," Maigret, Granada Television, 1993, also broadcast on Mystery!, PBS, c. 1994.

Father Curtis, "Sharpe's Sword," Sharpe, Carlton Television, 1995.

Himself, Tubridy Tonight, Radio Telefis Eireann (RTE), 2006.

Radio Appearances:

Performed as Bishop Richard Ledrede of Ossary in The First Witch, BBC Northern Ireland.


Video Games:

Voices of club bartender, doctor, and other characters, Deux Ex (also known as Deus Ex: The Conspiracy), Eidos Interactive, 2000.