Kane, Penny

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KANE, Penny

KANE, Penny. Australian/British (born Kenya), b. 1945. Genres: Demography, Women's studies and issues. Career: Freelance journalist, 1964-70; Family Planning Association, London, England, information officer, 1971-73; International Planned Parenthood Federation, London, press officer, 1973-75, deputy director, 1978-84; University of Wales, University College, Cardiff, information officer for Dept of Population Studies, 1975-78, visiting lecturer at Population Centre; consultant on health and population, 1984-; University of Melbourne, Office for Gender and Health, associate professor. Publications: (with M. Smith) The Pill Off Prescription, 1976; (ed.) B. Benjamin, The Decline in the Birthrate, 1978; (with B. Bewley and J. Cook) Choice Not Chance, 1978; The Which? Guide to Birth Control, 1983; A Decade of Partnership, 1974-1984, 1984; (with J. Porter) The Choice Guide to Birth Control, 1984, 2nd ed., 1988; (with S.S. Fader) Successfully Ever After, 1985; Famine in Selected Countries of the ESCAP Region, 1985; (ed. with D. Lucas) Asking Demographic Questions, 1985; (ed. with D. Davin and E. Croll, and contrib.) China's One-Child Family Policy, 1985; The Impact of Birth Spacing on Child Health, 1985; (ed. with L.T. Ruzicka) M. Rahman, Tradition, Development, and the Individual, 1986; (with M. Sparrow) Consumer Guide to Birth Control, 1986; (with L.T. Ruzicka) Mortality and Health Issues, 1987; (with L.T. Ruzicka) Australia's Population Trends and Their Social Implications, 1987; The Second Billion: People and Population in China, 1987; Ehkaisy (title means: Contraception), 1988; Famine in China, 1959-1961, 1988; (ed. with G. Wunsch and L.T. Ruzicka) Differential Mortality, 1989; Women's Health, 1990, 2nd ed., 1993; Victorian Families in Fact and Fiction, 1994; Women and Occupational Health, 1999. Contributor to books. Address: The Old School, Major's Creek, Braidwood, NSW 2622, Australia. Online address: [email protected]