JFK: Reckless Youth

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JFK: Reckless Youth ★★½ 1993

Dempsey does a fine job as the young John F. Kennedy Jr. TV flick covers the first 30 years of his life and the family ties and influences that shape him up to his 1946 election to Congress. Based on the book by Nigel Hamilton. 183m/C DVD . US Patrick Dempsey, Terry Kinney, Loren Dean, Robin Tunney, Diana Scarwid, Malachy McCourt, Claire Forlani, Yolanda Jilot, James Rebhorn, Natalie Radford, Stan Cahill, Andrew Lowery, Cedric Smith, Greg Spottiswood, Nikki de Boer, Barry Morse; D: Harry Winer; W: William Broyles Jr.; C: Jean Lepine; M: Cameron Allan. TV