The Jazz Singer 1980

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The Jazz Singer Woof! 1980 (PG)

Flat and uninteresting (if not unintentionally funny) remake of the 1927 classic about a Jewish boy who rebels against his father and family tradition to become a popular entertainer. Stick with the original, this is little more than a vehicle for Diamond to sing. ♫America; You Baby Baby; Jerusalem; Love on the Rocks; Summer Love; On the Robert E. Lee; Louise; Songs of Life; Hello Again. 115m/C VHS, DVD . Neil Diamond, Laurence Olivier, Lucie Arnaz, Catlin Adams, Franklin Ajaye, Ernie Hudson; D: Richard Fleischer; W: Herbert Baker, Stephen H. Foreman; C: Isidore Mankofsky; M: Leonard Rosenman, Neil Diamond. Golden Raspberries ‘80: Worst Actor (Diamond), Worst Support. Actor (Olivier).