The Jerky Boys

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The Jerky Boys Woof! 1995 (R)

Quick! Let's make a Jerky Boys movie and exploit their popularity before everyone realizes what a lame, one-joke act it is! Too late, guys. In what passes for a plot, Johnny and Kamal prank call an irritable mob boss (Arkin), pretending to be Chicago hit-men in need of a hideout. The wiseguys soon figure out the truth, but the requisite dumb cop (Sullivan) pads the film by not catching on. All these “twists” serve only one purpose—to get our heroes to the next phone. Don't accept the charges for this one. 82m/C VHS . Johnny Brennan, Kamal Ahmed, Alan Arkin, William Hickey, Alan North, James Lorinz, Brad Sullivan, Vincent Pastore, Ozzy Osbourne, Paul Bartel, Suzanne Shepherd; Cameos: Tom Jones; D: James Melkonian; W: Johnny Brennan, Kamal Ahmed, Rich Wilkes, James Melkonian.