Jason and the Argonauts 2000

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Jason and the Argonauts ★★½ 2000

Elaborate retelling of the Greek myth of Jason and his quest for the golden fleece. Young Prince Jason (London) has had his heritage usurped by his evil Uncle Pelias (Hopper in braids), who has killed Jason's father and taken his throne. In order to reclaim it, Jason must retrieve the magical golden fleece from distant Colchis and bring it to Pelias. So Jason assembles the usual motley crew of would-be heroes and sets sail on the Argos for uncharted waters and numerous adventures. TV saga with lots of action and some good special effects. 179m/C VHS, DVD . Jason London, Dennis Hopper, Angus MacFadyen, Olivia Williams, Brian Thompson, Adrian Lester, Derek Jacobi, Jolene Blalock, Frank Langella, Natasha Henstridge, Ciaran Hinds, Kieran O'Brien, Charles Cartmell; D: Nick Willing; W: Matthew Faulk, Mark Skeet; C: Sergei Kozlov; M: Simon Boswell. TV