Japanese Story

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Japanese Story ★★★ 2003 (R)

Headstrong Sandy (Collette) is a geologist by trade and part owner of a software firm who is obliged to entertain a potential client, Hiromitsu (Tsunashima), an uptight Japanese businessman looking to experience the Australian landscape. Despite her objections he insists that they drive into the desert where they end up stranded for a night amid the harsh elements. Their struggle to endure brings them closer but their eventual affair (he's married) is marred by a dramatic plot twist midstream that shakes Sandy to her core. Gorgeous scenery provides a striking backdrop for Brooks' passionate piece while Collette displays great depth as a woman challenged by a gamut of emotions. 105m/C DVD . AU Toni Collette, Matthew Dyktynski, Lynette Curran, John Howard, Gotaro Tsunashima, Yukimo Tanaka, Kate Atkinson, Bill Young, George Shevtsov, Justine Clarke; D: Sue Brooks; W: Alison Tilson; C: Ian Baker; M: Elizabeth Drake.