Jagasich, Paul Anthony

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JAGASICH, Paul Anthony

JAGASICH, Paul Anthony. Hungarian, b. 1934. Genres: Translations, Language/Linguistics. Career: Educator, translator, author. Budapest XX. Martirok (Junior High) School, coach and counselor, Modern Languages teacher, 1954-57; Medical University, Budapest, Hungary, medical librarian and translator, 1957-61; Grand Hotel Royal, Budapest, secretary, major domo, telex and desk clerk, 1961-64; AAI, CIME, NCWC, Italy, interpreter and translator, English teacher in night school, 1964-65; St. Bernard's School, Gladstone, NJ, head of Modern Languages Department, instructor in French and Russian, 1966-68; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, Dept. of Oriental and Non-western Languages (later called Slavic Languages), graduate assistant and research assistant, 1968-70, Dept. of Romance Languages, graduate and research assistant, admitting interviewer, Memorial Hospital, translator, Medical School Library, 1970-73, professor, Dept. of Modern Languages, 1986-. Lectures widely. Publications: Dictionary of Oriental Lexical Elements in Hungarian, 1985; An Edition of a Portion of the Livro Primeiro das leys das Partidas de Castella (Folios 38-82), 1986; (contrib ed) Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review/Jaroslav Seifert Retrospective, 1986; (with T. O'Grady) Editor's Choice II, 1987; Four Honors Lectures, 1991. TRANSLATOR: (with T. O'Grady) J. Seifert, The Casting of Bells, 1983; (with T. O'Grady) J. Seifert, Mozart in Prague, 1985; (with T. O'Grady) J. Seifert, Eight Days, 1985; J. Seifert, Halley's Comet, 1987; (with T. O'Grady) The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review Anthology, 1975-1990, 1990; J. Seifert, My Cobwebbed Appletree, 1990; (with T. O'Grady) J. Seifert, Dressed in Light, 1990; Two Faces of the English Channel (The Untold Story), 1991; J. Seifert, Song about Viktorka, 1991; J. Seifert, Three Poems (bilingual edition), 1991; J. Seifert, A Short Love Song about Ctirad and Sárka, 1991; J. Seifert, To Be a Poet, 1991; J. Seifert, Maminka, 1991; J. Seifert, The Nightingale Sings Out of Tune, 1991; J. Seifert, Bozena Nemcová's Fan, 1992; J. Seifert, Honeymoon Ride, 1992; J. Seifert, Starving Artist So Sees the World, 1992; J. Seifert, Over the Waves of TSF, 1992; J. Seifert, Only Love, 1994; E. Loest, Nikolaikirche, 2000. Contributor to books and periodicals. Address: PO Box 81 (Leslie Place), Hampden Sydney, VA 23943, U.S.A.