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Isadora ★★★ The Loves of Isadora 1968

A loose, imaginative biography of Isadora Duncan, the cause celebre dancer in the 1920s who became famous for her scandalous performances, outrageous behavior, public love affairs, and bizarre, early death. Redgrave is exceptional in the lead, and Fox provides fine support. Restored from its original 131minute print length by the director. 138m/C VHS . GB Vanessa Redgrave, Jason Robards Jr., James Fox, Ivan Tchenko, John Fraser, Bessie Love, Cynthia Harris, Libby Glenn, Tony Vogel, Wallace (Wallas) Eaton, John Quentin, Nicholas Pennell, Ronnie Gilbert, Alan Gifford, Christian Duvaleix; D: Karel Reisz; W: Melvyn Bragg, Clive Exton; C: Larry Pizer; M: Maurice Jarre. Cannes ‘69: Actress (Redgrave); Natl. Soc. Film Critics ‘69: Actress (Redgrave).

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