Isaiah ben Uzziah Ha-Kohen

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ISAIAH BEN UZZIAH HA-KOHEN , medieval Karaite scholar of uncertain date (12th–15th centuries). He was the author of a work in Arabic known under the Hebrew title Siddur or Sefer ha-Mitzvot, of which two different versions are known. The first part deals with prayer and ritual matters (fasts and feasts, Sabbath, circumcision, marriage, diet, etc.). The second part deals with dogmatic theology, Hebrew grammar, etc., as well as with some subjects already covered in the first part; this second part refers to Isaiah in the third person, and may therefore be by another hand. Isaiah is generally referred to in Karaite sources by the title al-Muʿallim al-Fāḍil ("the excellent preceptor").


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[Leon Nemoy]

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Isaiah ben Uzziah Ha-Kohen

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