Inside Paris

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Inside Paris ★★½ Dans Paris 2006

Depressed, heartbroken Paul (Duris) moves into his father's apartment after a breakup and immediately confines himself to bed. His father (Marchand), himself divorced, worries that Paul's depression will have tragic results, while Paul's brother Jonathan (Garrel) goofs his way through life and his brother's trauma. All three men struggle to find common ground and understanding in light of Paul's ongoing depression. Tone alternates between fanciful and somber as characters break into song and jump into rivers. For fans of French cinema. 93m/C DVD . FR Louis Garrel, Guy Marchand, Joana Preiss, Romain Duris, Alice Butaud; D: Christophe Honore; W: Christophe Honore; C: Jean-Louis Vialard; M: Alexandre Beaupain.