Inside 2006

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Inside ★½ 2006

Reclusive Alex (D'Agosto) likes to spy on people. He follows folks to observe their daily routines and becomes extremely interested in Alice (White) and Mark (Kilner) Smith because of the sadness they project. Alex goes too far and is caught in their home but the Smiths don't call the cops. Seems their only child—a son—has died and Alex looks like him. They start to bond (Alex's own parents are dead) and when he's in a car accident, the Smiths take him in to recover. Only the grieving Alice is now convinced that Alex IS her son returned from the grave and won't ever let him leave. Despite Meester's prominence on the box art, she only has a small role as a kleptomaniac, would-be friend of Alex's. 103m/C DVD . Nicholas D'Agosto, Kevin Kilner, Leighton Meester, Cheryl White; D: mahler Jeff; W: mahler Jeff; C: Michael Marius Pessah; M: Jason Brandt. VIDEO