Inside Daisy Clover

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Inside Daisy Clover ★★½ 1965

Wood is the self-sufficient, junior delinquent waif who becomes a teenage musical star and pays the price for fame in this Hollywood saga set in the 1930s. Discovered by tyrannical studio head Plummer, Daisy is given her big break and taken under his wing for grooming as Swan Studio's newest sensation. She falls for fellow performer, matinee idol Redford, who has some secrets of his own, and eventually has a breakdown from the career pressure. Glossy melodrama is filled with overthetop performances but its sheer silliness makes it amusing. 128m/C VHS . Natalie Wood, Christopher Plummer, Robert Redford, Ruth Gordon, Roddy McDowall, Katharine Bard; D: Robert Mulligan; W: Gavin Lambert; C: Charles B(ryant) Lang Jr.; M: Andre Previn. Golden Globes ‘66: Support. Actress (Gordon).