Innocence Unprotected

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Innocence Unprotected ★★½ 1968

A film collage that contains footage from the 1942 film “Innocence Unprotected,” the story of an acrobat trying to save an orphan from her wicked stepmother, newsreels from Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia, and interviews from 1968 with people who were in the film. Confiscated by the Nazis during final production, “Innocence Unprotected” was discovered by director Makavejev, who worked it into the collage. Filmed in color and black and white; in Serbian with English subtitles. 78m/C VHS . YU Dragoljub Aleksic, Ana Milosavljevic, Vera Jovanovic; D: Dusan Makavejev; W: Dusan Makavejev.