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Innerspace ★★½ 1987 (PG)

A space pilot, miniaturized for a journey through a lab rat a la “Fantastic Voyage,” is accidentally injected into a nebbish supermarket clerk, and together they nab some bad guys and get the girl. Award-winning special effects support some funny moments between micro Quaid and nerdy Short, with Ryan producing the confused romantic interest. 120m/C VHS, DVD . Dennis Quaid, Martin Short, Meg Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Fiona Lewis, Henry Gibson, Robert Picardo, John Hora, Wendy Schaal, Orson Bean, Chuck Jones, William Schallert, Dick Miller, Vernon Wells, Harold Sylvester, Kevin Hooks, Kathleen Freeman, Kenneth Tobey; D: Joe Dante; W: Jeffrey Boam, Chip Proser; M: Jerry Goldsmith. Oscars ‘87: Visual FX.