Innocent V, Pope, Bl.

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Pontificate: Jan. 21 to June 22, 1276; b. Peter of Tarentaise, in Tarentaise (probably the one in Savoy or, less likely, the one near Lyons), c. 1224. Peter entered the do minicans c. 1240, became master in theology at Paris in 1259, and taught there from 1259 to 1264, and from 1267 to 1269. He wrote a widely used commentary on the sentences, scriptural commentaries, several treatises, questions, and sermons. In 1259 he helped prepare statutes organizing Dominican studies. Twice provincial of France (126467, 126972), he became archbishop of Lyons in 1272 and cardinal bishop of Ostia in 1273. Prominent at the Second Council of lyons (1274), where he also furthered union with the Greeks (see eastern schism), he became a leading candidate for the papacy, but as pope his favoring Charles of Anjou made relations with Emperor michael viii palaeologus of Byzantium difficult; it also hindered reorganization of the Crusades and added to tensions with Rudolph I of Hapsburg. Innocent had some political success in pacifying northern Italian cities and in aiding peace between Charles and Genoa. In 1898 Leo XIII approved the veneration long paid this devoted master and administrator. He was beatified on Mar. 13, 1898.

Feast: June 22.

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