The Inheritors 1998

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The Inheritors ★★ Die Siebtelbauern 1998 (R)

Seven peasants in 1930s rural Austria unexpectedly inherit the farm they've been working from its misanthropic owner, who was murdered by an elderly peasant woman. The foreman (Pruckner) tries to bully the others to sell the farm to the neighboring gentry, Danniger (Wildgruber). When they refuse, the twosome try to sabotage the property, which leads to the foreman's death and places the peasants in the murderous path of the intolerant locals. German with subtitles. 94m/ C VHS, DVD . GE Tito Pruckner, Ulrich Wildgruber, Simon Schwarz, Sophie Rois, Lars Rudolph, Julia Gschnitzer; D: Stefan Ruzowitzky; W: Stefan Ru zowitzky; C: Peter von Haller.

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The Inheritors 1998

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