The Informant

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The Informant ★★★ 1997 (R)

In 1983, exIRA soldier Gingy McAnally (Brophy) has been tracked down by his cohorts and blackmailed (with threats to his family) into assassinating a Belfast judge. Recognized by British army officer Ferris (Elwes), Gingy is quickly arrested and interrogated by ruthless inspector Rennie (Dalton), who puts the pressure on Gingy to give up his comrades in exchange for immunity. Moved to a safe house, hapless Gingy has to live with being an informant and stay alive long enough to testify. Based on the novel “Field of Blood” by Gerald Seymour. 106m/C VHS . IR Anthony Brophy, Timothy Dalton, Cary Elwes, Sean McGinley, Maria Lennon, John Kavanagh, Frankie McCafferty, Stuart Graham; D: Jim McBride; W: Nicholas Meyer; C: Alfonso Beato.

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The Informant

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