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Husbands ★★½ 1970 (PG-13)

When Stuart (Rowlands) dies suddenly of a heart attack, his three equally middle aged buddies—Harry (Gazzara), Archie (Falk), and Gus (Cassavettes)—are reluctantly confronted with their own mortality. These suburban married men decide to cut loose and go on a spree, with Harry even persuading his buddies they should carry their frantic merriment across the pond in a trip to London. Meanders on a bit too long, thanks to Cassavettes usual reliance on improv and reluctance to edit. 140m/C VHS . Ben Gazzara, Peter Falk, John Cassavetes, Jenny Runacre, David Rowlands, Jenny Lee Wright, Noelle Kao; D: John Cassavetes; W: John Cassavetes; C: Victor Kemper.