Hsueh, Tien-tung

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HSUEH, Tien-tung

HSUEH, Tien-tung. Taiwanese, b. 1939. Genres: Economics. Career: Council for U.S. Aid, Taipei, Taiwan, member of research staff at Economic Research Center, 1962-63; National Taiwan University, Taipei, instructor, 1965-67, associate professor of economics, 1969-71; Chinese University of Hong Kong, lecturer, 1971-80, senior lecturer, 1980-90, reader in economics, 1990-99, head of department at United College, 1972-77, director of China's Reform and Development Programme at Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, 1990-99; National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, professor of economics & Graduate Institute of Political Economy, 2000-03, dean of College of Social Sciences, 2000-03, director of Taiwan Center of Asian Pacific Studies, 2000-03. Harvard University, research fellow at Harvard-Yenching Institute, 1977-78; Peking University, educational expert in economics, 1985-86; Nagoya University, visiting research fellow in economics, 1993; lecturer at institutions of higher learning. Publications: An Econometric Model for Taiwan Economic Development, 1971; (with T.-O. Woo) The Economics of Industrial Development in the People's Republic of China, 1991; (with T.-O. Woo) The Comparative Development Study of Taiwan, Japan and Mainland China, 2002. IN CHINESE: (trans., and author of notes) P.A. Samuelson, Foundations of Economic Analysis, 2 vols., 1974; Modern Western Public Finance, 1983; National Economic Management, 1983; (with T.-O. Woo) Trade between Hong Kong and China, 1984; Quantitative Economics, 1986; The Church Governance, 2004. EDITOR & CONTRIBUTOR: (with Sung Y.-W. and Yu J.) Studies on Economic Reforms and Development in the People's Republic of China, 1993; (with Li Q. and Liu S.) China's Provincial Statistics, 1949-1989, 1993; (with K.-Y. Tsui and T.G. Rawski) Productivity, Efficiency, and Reform in China's Economy, 1995; (with R.C.K. Chan and C.-M. Luk) China's Regional Economic Development, 1996; (with Li Q.) China's National Income, 1952-1995, 1999. EDITOR & CONTRIBUTOR (in Chinese): (with Yu J. and Shi R.) Studies on Economic Reforms and Development in the People's Republic of China, 1990; (with Li J. and Zheng Y.) Studies on China's Productivity Trend, 1993; (with Liu S. and Li Q.) Studies on China's Regional Economic Development, 1994; (with Li Q.) China's Economic Development in Sectoral Analysis, 1998; The Future of Taiwan, 2002; (with C.-F. Wang) International Comparisons of Taiwan and Japan, 2003. Work represented in anthologies. Contributor of articles and reviews to economic journals. Address: 7A Bl 2, Ravana, Garden, Shatin, New Territory, Hong Kong.