The Hours and Times

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The Hours and Times ★★★ 1992

A concise drama based on one point of fact used to quietly evoke differences in class, talent, sexual orientation, and unrequited love. The fact is that in the spring of 1963 Brian Epstein, the Beatles brilliant homosexual manager, shared a four-day Barcelona vacation with John Lennon. Director Munch speculates that the sophisticated Epstein was hopelessly in love with the younger, workingclass Lennon who is friendly but unresponsive to the courtship. A tender and rueful depiction of friendship longing to be something more. 60m/B VHS, DVD . David Angus, Ian Hart, Stephanie Pack, Robin McDonald, Sergio Moreno, Unity Grimwood; D: Christopher Munch; W: Christopher Munch. Sundance ‘92: Special Jury Prize.