The Host

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The Host ★★★ Gwoemul 2006 (R)

An overgrown mutant tadpole is on a man-eating bender along the Han River in South Korea, but that's not the most peculiar thing going on in this genrestomping thriller. The family of one of the monsters would-be victims, highschooler Park Hyeonseo (Ko Asung), is kookier than the monster. The story simultaneously lampoons and exploits the monster-on-the-loose genre to great effect. Fantastic visual effects, oddly juxtaposed humor and a super-stylie monster… it doesn't get much better. 119m/C DVD, Blu-ray Disc, HD DVD . KN Duna Bae, Kangho Song, Hiebon Byeon, Haeil Park, Ahsung Ko; D: Joonho Bong; W: Joonho Bong, Chulhyan Baek; C: Hyungku Kim; M: Byungwoo Lee.