Horatio Hornblower

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Horatio Hornblower ★★★ 1999

Adventure on the high seas in these adaptations of C.S. Forester's popular novels, which are set in the late 18th-century. Hornblower (Gruffudd) is a young recruit who rises through the ranks of the King's Navy as the British battle the French. “The Duel” provides the introduction to Horn-blower and his mentor, Captain Pellew (Lindsay). “The Fire Ships” has Hornblower preparing for his lieutenant's exam. “The Duchess and the Devil” finds Horn-blower escorting the Duchess of Wharfe-dale (Lunghi) to England with important naval dispatches. “The Wrong War” finds the Brits preparing a coup against the French Republican government. 400m/C VHS, DVD . GB Ioan Gruffudd, Robert Lindsay, Denis Lawson, Cherie Lunghi, Anthony Sher, Samuel West, Andrew Tiernan, Ronald Pickup; D: Andrew Grieve; W: Russell Lewis, Mike Cullen, Patrick Harbinson; C: Alec Curtis, Neve Cunningham.TV