Hogan, Robert (Goode)

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HOGAN, Robert (Goode)

HOGAN, Robert (Goode). American, b. 1930. Genres: Plays/Screenplays, Literary criticism and history. Career: Professor of English, University of Delaware, Newark, 1970-94. Publr., Proscenium Press, since 1964. Ed., Journal of Irish Literature, 1972-93, and George Spelvin's Theatre Book, 1978-84. Publications: Experiments of Sean O'Casey, 1960; Arthur Miller, 1964; Independence of Elmer Rice, 1965; (with H. Bogart) The Plain Style, 1967; After the Irish Renaissance, 1967; Dion Boucicault, 1969; The Fan Club, 1969; Betty and the Beast, 1969; (with J. Kilroy) Lost Plays of the Irish Renaissance, 1970; Eimar O'Duffy, 1972; Mervyn Wall, 1972; (with E. Young-Bruehl) Conor Cruise O'Brien, 1974; (with J. Kilroy) History of the Modern Irish Drama, vol. I, The Irish Literary Theatre, 1975, vol. II, Laying the Foundation, 1976, vol. III, The Abbey Theatre 1905-09, 1978, vol. IV (with R. Burnham and D. P. Poteet), The Rise of the Realists 1910-1915, 1979, vol. V (with R. Burnham), The Art of the Amateur 1916-1920, 1984, (with R. Burnham) vol. VI, The Years of O'Casey, 1992; Since O'Casey, 1983; (with J. Douglas) Murder At The Abbey Theatre (novel), 1993. EDITOR: Feathers from the Green Crow, 1962; (with S. Molin) Drama: The Major Genres, 1962; (with M.J. O'Neill) Joseph Holloway's Abbey Theatre, 1967; Seven Irish Plays, 1967; (with M.J. O'Neill) Joseph Holloway's Irish Theatre, 3 vols., 1968-70; Crows of Mephistopheles, 1970; Towards a National Theatre, 1970; The Dictionary of Irish Literature, 1979, 2nd rev. & expanded ed., 1996; (with J.C. Beasley) The Plays of Frances Sheridan, 1984; (with E. Nickerson) Guarini's IL Pastor FIDO, 1989, Johathan, Jack & G.B.S: Four Plays By John O'Donovan, 1993; The Poems of Thomas Sheridan, 1994. Address: 40 Seacrest, Bray, Wicklow, Ireland.