Hogan, James P(atrick)

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HOGAN, James P(atrick)

HOGAN, James P(atrick). British, b. 1941. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Science fiction/Fantasy, Information science/Computers. Career: Full-time writer, 1979-. Engineer, Solarton Electronics, Farnborough, 1961-62, and Racal Electronics, Bracknell, Berks., 1962-64; Sales Engineer, 1964-66, and Sales Manager, 1966-68, International Telephone and Telegraph Co., Harlow, Herts.; Computer Sales Executive, Honeywell, London, 1968-70, and Leeds, 1970-72; Insurance Salesman, 1974-75; Sales Executive, Digital Equipment Corp., Leeds, 1975-77; Sales Training Consultant in Maynard, MA, 1977-79. Publications: Inherit the Stars, 1977; The Genesis Machine, 1977; The Gentle Giants of Ganymede, 1978; The Two Faces of Tomorrow, 1979; Thrice upon a Time, 1980; Giants' Star, 1981; Voyage From Yesteryear, 1982; Code of the Lifemaker, 1983; The Proteus Operation, 1985; Minds, Machines and Evolution (short stories), 1986; Endgame Enigma, 1987; The Mirror Maze, 1989; The Infinity Gambit, 1991; Entoverse, 1991; The Multiplex Man, 1992; Out of Time, 1993; Realtime Interrupt, 1995; The Immortality Option, 1995; Paths to Otherwhere, 1996; Bug Park, 1997; Outward Bound, 1999; Cradle of Saturn, 1999; Rockets, Redheads & Revolution (short stories), 1999; Mind Matters (nonfiction), 1998; The Legend that Was Earth, 2000; Martian Knightlife, 2001. Address: c/o Eleanor Wood, Spectrum Literary Agency, 320 Central Park W Ste 1-D, New York, NY 10025, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]