Hidden Places

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Hidden Places ★★½ 2006

Widowed mom Eliza (Penny) is struggling through the Depression on her father-in-law's farm when he suddenly dies. Eliza has to get in the orange crop or risk foreclosure on the debtridden property. Her Aunt Batty (Jones) says to have faith and when charming veteran Gabe (Gedrick) shows up, he may be the answer to their prayers. Gabe agrees to help out with the harvest and falling in love with the young widow may be his bonus. Based on the novel by Lynn Austin. ?m/C DVD . Sydney Penny, Jason Gedrick, Shirley Jones, Barry Corbin, Tom Bosley, John Diehl; D: Yelena Lanskaya; W: Robert Tate Miller; C: James W. Wrenn; M: Roger Bellon. CABLE