Haveman, Robert Henry

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HAVEMAN, Robert Henry

HAVEMAN, Robert Henry. American, b. 1936. Genres: Economics. Career: John Bascom Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin, Madison, since 1970. Sr. Economist, Subcttee. on Economy in Government, U.S. Congress, 1968-69; Research Associate, Resources for the Future Inc., 1969-70; Director, Institute for Research on Poverty, 1971-76; Director, La Follette Institute of Public Affairs, 1987-91, Chair, Department of Economies, 1993-96. Publications: Water Resource Investment and the Public Interest, 1965; (with K. Knopf) The Market System, 1966, 4th 1981; (with J.V. Krutilla) Unemployment, Idle Capacity and the Evaluation of Public Expenditures, 1968; The Economics of the Public Sector, 1970, 1977; The Economic Performance of Public Investments, 1972; (with A.M. Freeman and A.V. Kneese) The Economics of Environmental Policy, 1973; (with F. Golladay) The Economic Impacts of Tax-Transfer Policy: Regional and Distributional Effects, 1977; A Decade of Federal Anti-Poverty Programs: Achievements, Failures, and Lessons, 1977; (with I. Garfinkel) Earnings Capacity, Poverty, and Inequality, 1978; (with R. Burkhauser) Disability Policy in the United States, 1982; (with R. Burkhauser and V. Halberstadt) Public Policy Toward Disabled Workers, 1985; Poverty Policy and Poverty Research, 1987; Starting Even: An Equal Opportunity Program to Combat the Nation's New Poverty, 1988; (with B. Wolfe), Succeeding Generations: On the Effects of Investments in Children, 1994. EDITOR: (with J. Margolis) Public Expenditures and Policy Analysis, 1970, 3rd 1982; (co-) Benefit-Cost Annual-1971, 1972; (with R. Hamrin) The Political Economy of Federal Policy, 1973; (co-) Benefit-Cost and Policy Analysis-1972, 1973, and 1974, 3 vols., 1973-75; (with B. Zellner) Policy Studies Review Annual, 1979; (with J. Palmer) Jobs for Disadvantaged Workers, 1982; (with K. Hollenbeck) Microeconomic Simulation Models for Public Policy Analysis, 2 vols., 1982; Public Finance and Public Employment, 1982;. Address: Dept. of Economics, University of Wisconsin, 1180 Observatory Dr, Madison, WI 53706, U.S.A.

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Haveman, Robert Henry

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