Grave Indiscretions

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Grave Indiscretions ★★ The Grotesque; Gentlemen Don't Eat Poets 1996 (R)

Eccentric aristocrat, and amateur paleontologist, Sir Hugo Coal (Bates) is much more interested in the dinosaur skeleton he's attempting to assemble than in his crumbling estate or unsatisfied wife Harriet (Russell). Although he does take a dislike to the married servants his wife hires—sly butler Fledge (Sting) and his dipso cook/ wife Doris (Styler). And then there's daughter Cleo (Headey) who's about to marry useles poet Sidney (Mackintosh) until he suddenly disappears. Which raises all sorts of questions, including just what the pigs have been eating recently. Based on McGrath's 1989 novel, “The Grotesque.” 97m/C VHS . GB Sting, Alan Bates, Theresa Russell, Trudie Styler, Lena Headey, Steven Mackintosh, Anna Massey, Jim Carter, James Fleet, Maria Aitken; D: John-Paul Davidson; W: Patrick McGrath; C: Andrew Dunn; M: Anne Dudley.