Gilmore, Rachna

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GILMORE, Rachna. Also writes as Rachana Mara. Indian, b. 1953. Genres: Children's fiction. Career: Author. Has also worked as a paralegal and operated a pottery studio. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: My Mother Is Weird, 1988; Wheniwasalittlegirl, 1989; Jane's Loud Mouth, 1990; Aunt Fred Is a Witch, 1991; Lights for Gita, 1994; A Friend Like Zilla, 1995; Roses for Gita, 1996; Wild Rilla, 1997; A Gift for Gita, 1998; A Screaming Kind of Day, 1999; Fangs and Me, 1999; Ellen's Terrible TV Troubles, 1999; Mina's Spring of Colors, 2000; A Group of One, 2001. AS RACHNA MARA: Of Customs and Excise, 1991. Address: 880 Beauclaire Dr., Gloucester, ON, Canada K1C 2L2. Online address: [email protected]