Gilmour, Ian 1955-

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Gilmour, Ian 1955-


Born 1955 in New Zealand. Education: Earned diploma in screen direction at the Australian Film, Television, and Radio School.


Agent—Cameron's, 61 Marlborough St., 7th Floor, Surry Hills, New South Wales 2010 Australia.


Actor and director.

Awards, Honors:

Australian Film Institute Award nomination, best direction in television, 2003, for Bootleg.


Television Producer; Series:

The Adventures of Skippy, 1992.

Television Director; Miniseries:

The New Adventures of Black Beauty, Seven Network, 1992.

Bordertown, ABC (Australia), 1995.

Bootleg, BBC, 2002.

Television Work; Movies:

Director, Code Red (also known as Code Red: The Rubicon Conspiracy), UPN, 2001.

Locusts: The 8th Plague, Sci-Fi Channel, 2005.

Magma: Volcanic Disaster, Sci-Fi Channel, 2006.

Television Director; Episodic:

The Flying Doctors, Nine Network, 1986.

Skirts, 1990.

"A Bunch of Big Girls," Phoenix, ABC (Australia), 1992.

"Old Rules, New Games," Phoenix, ABC (Australia), 1992.

"Hair of the Dog," Phoenix, ABC (Australia), 1992.

Snowy, Nine Network, 1993.

Newlyweds, Seven Network, 1993.

Heartbreak High, Ten Network, 1994-95, ABC (Australia), 1997.

Flipper (also known as The New Adventures of Flipper), 1995.

"Dancing Partners," Twisted Tales (also known as Twisted), Nine Network, 1996.

"The Price of Success," State Coroner, 1997.

"Shortcut to Death," State Coroner, 1997.

Tales of the South Seas, 1998.

"Double Blind," Water Rats, Nine Network, 1999.

"Cut-off Point," Water Rats, Nine Network, 1999.

The Lost World (also known as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World"), DirecTV and syndicated, 1999.

BeastMaster, syndicated, 1999.

McLeod's Daughters, Nine Network, 2001.

Flatland, 2002.

"Waltzing Sakamoto," The Cooks, Ten Network, 2004.

"Heart of Marshmallow," The Cooks, Ten Network, 2004.

Headland, Seven Network, 2005.

Monarch Cove, Lifetime, 2006.

"Taylor's Self Portrait," Mortified, Nine Network, 2007.

"Girl Power," Mortified, Nine Network, 2007.

Television Appearances; Series:

Wayne Hopkins, The Box, Ten Network, 1974.

Freddie, Ride On Stranger, ABC (Australia), 1979.

Kevin Burns, Prisoner (also known as Caged Women and Prisoner: Cell Block H), Ten Network and syndicated, 1980.

Waterloo Station, Nine Network, 1983.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Scotty McAllister, The Challenge, 1986.

A Place in the World, ABC (Australia), 1989.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Rusty Bugles, ABC (Australia), 1981.

Second policeman, Room to Move, 1987.

Dr. Frank Harrison, Malpractice, 1989.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Jeff, "Cliff Hanger," Chopper Squad, Ten, 1978.

"The Slammer," Spring & Fall, ABC (Australia), 1980.

"Sons and Datsuns," Kingswood Country, Seven Network, 1982.

Spike, "The Push: Parts 1 & 2," A Country Practice, Seven Network, 1982.

Donald Cook, "Good Intentions: Parts 1 & 2," A Country Practice, Seven Network, 1984.

Second policeman, "Room to Move," Winners, PBS, 1985.

Colin Neilson, "The Hometown Hero," The Flying Doctors, Nine Network, 1987.

Film Director:

Double Sculls, 1986.

Still Twisted, 1997.

Joe Wilkinson, Minotaur International, 1999.

Film Appearances:

Eddie, The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, 1978.

Tim, Mouth to Mouth, Vega Film Productions, 1978.

Scott, The Odd Angry Shot, Vestron Video, 1979.

Steve, Just Out of Reach, Portrait Films, 1979.

Garry, Now and Then, 1979.

Eddie, The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, New Yorker Films, 1980.

Steve Adams, A Dangerous Summer (also known as Burning Man and Flash Fire), Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1981.

Simmo, Undercover, 1983.

Shadow, Going Down, X Productions, 1983.

Sharon's ex-boyfriend, One Night Stand, Sultan Video/TransWorld Entertainment, 1984.

Barman, Silver City, Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1984.

Jock Pollock, The Boy Who Had Everything (also known as Winner Takes All), Alfred Road Films/Multi Films Investments, 1984.

"Marjorie," The Coca-Cola Kid, Cinecom International/Film Gallery, 1985.

John Buckland, A Cry in the Dark (also known as Evil Angels), Warner Bros., 1988.

Steamship official, The First Kangaroos, 1988.