Germany, Pale Mother

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Germany, Pale Mother ★★ Deutschland, Bleiche Mutter 1980

In 1939, young, pregnant German hausfrau Lene (Mattes) sends her husband, Hans (Jacobi), to the front lines. Lene and her daughter struggle for survival through the war years until she has a bittersweet reunion with the embittered Hans. Director SandersBrahms based her story on her own mother's wartime experiences but the film suffers from the relentless parade of atrocities. German with subtitles. 123m/C VHS . GE Eva Mattes, Ernst Jacobi; D: Helmer SandersBrahms; W: Helmer SandersBrahms; C: Jurgen Jurges; M: Jurgen Knieper.

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Germany, Pale Mother

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