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GABRIEL, Richard A(lan)

GABRIEL, Richard A(lan). American, b. 1942. Genres: Politics/Government, Psychology, History. Career: St. Anselm's College, Manchester, NH, professor of political science. Publications: Ethnic Voting in Primary Elections: The Irish and Italians of Providence, Rhode Island, 1969; Ethnic Attitudes and Political Behavior in City and Suburb: The Irish and Italians of Rhode Island, 1969, also published as The Irish and Italians: Ethnics in City and Suburb, 1980; The Political Machine in Rhode Island, 1970; (with P.L. Savage) The Ethnicity Attribute: Persistence and Change in an Urban and Suburban Environment, 1973; (with Savage) What Voters Think about Politics and Why: A Case Study of Political Ethos in a New England City, 1973; The Ethnic Factor in the Urban Polity, 1973; Program Evaluation: A Social Science Approach, 1975; (with Savage) Crisis in Command: Mismanagement in the Army, 1978; The New Red Legions, Vol 1: A Survey Data Source Book, Vol 2: An Attitudinal Portrait of the Soviet Soldier, 1980; To Serve with Honor: A Treatise on Military Ethics and the Way of the Soldier, 1982; The Antagonists: A Comparative Combat Assessment of the Soviet and American Soldier, 1984; (comp.) The Mind of the Soviet Fighting Man: A Quantitative Survey of Soviet Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen, 1984; Operation Peace for Galilee: The Israeli-PLO War in Lebanon, 1984; Military Incompetence: Why the American Military Doesn't Win, 1985; Soviet Military Psychiatry: The Theory and Practice of Coping with Battle Stress, 1986; No More Heroes: Madness and Psychiatry in War, 1987; The Painful Field: The Psychiatric Dimension of Modern War, 1988; The Culture of War: Invention and Early Development, 1990; (with K.S. Metz) From Sumer to Rome: The Military Capabilities of Ancient Armies, 1991; (with Metz) A History of Military Medicine, Vol 1: From Ancient Times to the Middle Ages, Vol 2: From the Renaissance through Modern Times, 1992; (with Metz) A Short History of War: The Evolution of Warfare and Weapons, 1992; (with D.W. Boose, Jr.) The Great Battles of Antiquity: A Strategic and Tactical Guide to Great Battles That Shaped the Development of War, 1994. EDITOR: (with S.H. Cohen) The Environment: Critical Factors in Strategy Development, 1973; Antagonists in the Middle East: A Combat Assessment (part of "Fighting Armies" series), 1983; NATO and the Warsaw Pact: A Combat Assessment (part of "Fighting Armies" series), 1983; Nonaligned, Third World, and Other Ground Armies: A Combat Assessment (part of "Fighting Armies" series), 1983; Military Psychiatry: A Comparative Perspective, 1986. Contributor to periodicals. Address: Department of Politics, St. Anselm's College, Manchester, NH 03102, U.S.A.

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Gabriel, Richard A(lan)

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