Gabriel Over the White House

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Gabriel Over the White House ★★★ 1933

Part political satire, part fantasy, and completely fascinating. Huston is venal politician Judson Hammond, completely in thrall to his crooked cohorts, who manages to get elected President. While recuperating from an auto accident Hammond thinks he sees a vision of the Archangel Gabriel, who essentially tells him to change his crooked ways. From bought man Hammond changes to righteous do-gooder, much to the dismay of his criminal companions, who'll stop at nothing to get rid of the man they think has simply gone insane. Huston gives a powerful performance in this decidedly oddball film. 86m/B VHS . Walter Huston, Karen Morley, Arthur Byron, Franchot Tone, Dickie Moore, C. Henry Gordon, David Landau, Samuel S. Hinds, Jean Parker; D: Gregory La Cava; W: Carey Wilson.

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Gabriel Over the White House

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