Friedman, Lawrence M.

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FRIEDMAN, Lawrence M.

FRIEDMAN, Lawrence M. American, b. 1930. Genres: Education, Law. Career: Stanford University, California, professor of law, 1968-, and Kirkwood Professor, 1976-. Publications: Contract Law in America, 1965; Government and Slum Housing: A Century of Frustration, 1968; A History of American Law, 1973, 2nd ed., 1985; The Legal System: A Social Science Perspective, 1975; Law and Society: An Introduction, 1977; (with R.V. Percival) The Roots of Justice: Crime and Punishment in Alameda County, California, 1870-1910, 1981; American Law, 1984, 2nd ed., 1998; Total Justice, 1985; Your Time Will Come, 1985; The Republic of Choice, 1990; Crime and Punishment in American History, 1993; The Horizontal Society, 1999; Law in America: A Short History, 2002; American Law in the Twentieth Century, 2002. EDITOR: (with S. Macaulay) Law and the Behavioral Sciences, 1969; (with H.N. Scheiber) American Law and Constitutional Order, 1978; (with J. Merryman and D. Clark) Law and Social Change in Mediterranean Europe and Latin America, 1980; (with S. Macauley and J. Stookey) Law and Society: Readings on the Social Study of Law, 1995; (with H.N. Scheiber) Legal Culture and the Legal Profession, 1996. Address: Stanford Law School, Stanford, CA 94305, U.S.A.