Freedman, Lawrence (David)

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FREEDMAN, Lawrence (David)

FREEDMAN, Lawrence (David). British, b. 1948. Genres: Military/Defense/Arms control. Career: Political sciences educator. York University, teaching assistant, 1971-72; Nuffield College, Oxford, research fellow, 1974-75; International Institute for Strategic Studies, London, research associate, 1975-76; Royal Institute for International Affairs, London, research fellow, 1976-78, head of policy studies, 1978-82; Kings College, London, Department of War Studies, professor, 1982-, department head, 1992-97, chair of Board of War Studies, 1997-; Center for Defence Studies, London, honorary director, 1990-. Publications: U.S. Intelligence and the Soviet Strategic Threat, 1977; The Price of Peace: Living with the Nuclear Dilemma, 1978; The West and the Modernization of China, 1979; Britain and Nuclear Weapons, 1981; The Evolution of Nuclear Strategy, 1981, repr, 1989; Atlas of Global Strategy, 1985; Arms Control: Management or Reform?, 1986; Terrorism and International Order, 1986; Strategic Defence in the Nuclear Age, 1987; Britain and the Falklands War, 1988; (with M. Navias and N. Wheeler) Independence in Concert: the British Rationale for Possessing Strategic Nuclear Weapons, 1989; The South Atlantic Crisis of 1982: Implications for Nuclear Crisis Management, 1989; (with V. GambaStonehouse) Signals of War: The Falklands Conflict of 1982, 1990; (with E. Karsh) The Gulf Conflict, 1990-1991: Diplomacy and War in the New World, 1993; Military Intervention in European Conflicts, 1994; The Revolution in Strategic Affairs, 1998; The Politics of British Defence, 1979-1998, 1999; Kennedy's Wars, Berlin, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, 2000. EDITOR: The Troubled Alliance: Atlantic Relations in the 1980s, 1983; (with P. Bobbitt and G. F. Treverton) U.S. Nuclear Strategy: A Reader, 1989; Europe Transformed: Documents on the End of the Cold War, 1990; Military Power in Europe: Essays in Memory of Jonathan Alford, 1990; (with J. Saunders) Population Change and European Security, 1991; (with M. Clarke) Britain in the World, 1991; (with P. Hayes and R. O'Neill) War, Strategy and International Politics: Essays in Honour of Sir Michael Howard, 1992; War, 1994; Strategic Coercion: Concepts and Cases, 1998; Superterrorism: Policy Responses, 2002. Address: Department of War Studies, Kings College, The Strand, London WC2R 2LS, England. Online address: [email protected]

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Freedman, Lawrence (David)

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