Flew, Antony (Garrard Newton)

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FLEW, Antony (Garrard Newton)

FLEW, Antony (Garrard Newton). British, b. 1923. Genres: Education, Philosophy, Psychology. Career: Emeritus Professor, University of Reading, 1983- (Professor of Philosophy, 1973-82). Professor, University of Keele, Staffs, 1954-72; Professor, University of Calgary, Alberta, 1972-73; Professor of Philosophy, York University, Toronto, 1983-85; Distinguished Research Fellow, Social Philosophy and Policy Center, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, 1986-91. Publications: A New Approach to Psychical Research, 1953; Hume's Philosophy of Belief, 1961; God and Philosophy, 1966; Evolutionary Ethics, 1967; An Introduction to Western Philosophy, 1971; Crime or Disease?, 1973; Thinking about Thinking, 1975; Sociology, Equality, and Education, 1976; The Presumption of Atheism, 1976; A Rational Animal, 1978; The Politics of Procrustes, 1981; Darwinian Evolution, 1984; David Hume: Philosopher of Moral Science, 1986; The Logic of Mortality, 1987; Power to the Parents: Reversing Educational Decline, 1987; Equality in Liberty and Justice, 1989; Thinking about Social Thinking, 1992; Atheistic Humanism, 1993; Shepard's Warning: Putting Schools Back on Course, 1994; Philosophic Essays, 1998; How to Think Straight, 1998; Social Life and Moral Judgment, 2003. EDITOR: Malthus on Population, 1971; Dictionary of Philosophy, 1979. Address: 26 Alexandra Rd, Reading RG1 5PD, England.