Flesh Gordon

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Flesh Gordon ★ 1972

Soft-core spoof of the “Flash Gordon” series. Flesh takes it upon himself to save Earth from the evil Wang's sex ray; Wang, of course, being the leader of the planet Porno. Lackluster special effects and below par story dull an already ridiculous movie. Look for cameo by real-life porn starlet Candy Samples. The restored (90-minute) version also includes the theatrical trailer; a 72-minute R-rated version is also available. 90m/C VHS, DVD . Jason Williams, Suzanne Fields, Joseph Hudgins, John Hoyt, Howard Zieff, Michael Benveniste; Cameos: Candy Samples; D: Howard Ziehm, Michael Benveniste; W: Michael Benveniste; C: Howard Ziehm; M: Ralph Ferraro; V: Craig T. Nelson.