Fleming, Thomas

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FLEMING, Thomas. Also writes as Christopher Cain. American, b. 1927. Genres: Novels, History, Biography. Career: Full-time writer, 1961-. Cosmopolitan Magazine, associate ed., 1954, executive ed., 1958-61; Society of Magazine Writers, president, 1967-68; American Revolution Round Table, chairman, 1970-81; PEN, American Center, president, 1971-73. Publications: HISTORY: Now We Are Enemies, 1960; Beat the Last Drum, 1963; One Small Candle, 1964; West Point: The Man and Times of the U.S. Military Academy, 1969; The Forgotten Victory, 1973; 1776: Year of Illusions, 1975; New Jersey, 1977; The First Stroke, 1978; The Living Land of Lincoln, 1980; Downright Fighting: The Story of Cowpens, 1989; Liberty!: The American Revolution, 1997; Lights along the Way, 1999; Duel: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr and the Future of America, 1999; The New Dealer's War: FDR and the War within World War II. NOVELS: All Good Men, 1961; The God of Love, 1963; King of the Hill, 1966; A Cry of Whiteness, 1967; Romans, Countrymen, Lovers, 1969; The Sandbox Tree, 1970; The Good Shepherd, 1974; Liberty Tavern, 1976; Rulers of the City, 1977; Promises to Keep, 1978; A Passionate Girl, 1979; The Officers' Wives, 1981; Dreams of Glory, 1983; The Spoils of War, 1984; Time and Tide, 1987; Over There, 1992; Loyalties: A Novel of World War II, 1994; Remember the Morning, 1997; The Wages of Fame, 1998; Hours of Gladness, 1999; When This Cruel War Is Over, 2001. BIOGRAPHY: First in Their Hearts, 1967; The Man from Monticello, 1969; The Man Who Dared the Lightning, 1971. EDITOR: Affectionately Yours, George Washington, 1967; Benjamin Franklin: A Biography in His Own Words, 1972. Address: 315 E 72nd St, New York, NY 10021-4625, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]