Feshbach, Murray

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FESHBACH, Murray. American, b. 1929. Genres: Environmental sciences/Ecology, Medicine/Health, Demography. Career: Affiliated with National Bureau of Economic Research Inc., NYC, 1955-56; U.S. Bureau of the Census, Foreign Demographic Analysis Division, Washington, DC, analyst, 1957-67, chief of U.S.S.R. branch, 1967-68, chief of U.S.S.R./East Europe branch, 1969-78, chief of U.S.S.R. population, employment, and research and development branch, 1978-79; Georgetown University, Washington, DC, senior research scholar at the Center for Population Research and professorial lecturer in demography, 1981-84, research professor of demography, 1984-. Columbia University, adjunct professor, 1983-85; North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Headquarters, Office of the Secretary General, Sovietologist-in-residence, 1986-87; lecturer at universities and other institutions. Publications: (with A. Friendly, Jr.) Ecocide in the USSR: Health and Nature under Siege, 1992; Ecological Disaster: Cleaning Up The Hidden Legacy of The Soviet Regine, 1995. EDITOR: National Security Issues in the USSR, 1987; (in-chief) Enviromental and Health Atlas of Russia, 1995. Address: Georgetown University, Department of Demography, Washington, DC 20057-1214, U.S.A.